Flipkart buys Myntra

Flipkart buys Myntra

The report says the deal will be a combination of cash and stock, although the exact deal size is not clear yet. A Mint report pegs the deal at $330 million while a NextBigWhat report pegs the deal to be over $250 million. Both Flipkart and Myntra will also apparently operate as separate entities, which was one of key demands of Myntra CEO Mukesh Bansal.

The merger has been on the cards for a while given the steady advances the 800-pound gorilla (Amazon) has been making.


How the world went nuts for a hazelnut spread

How the world went nuts for a hazelnut spread

Fifty years on, Nutella is a global phenomenon, produced in 11 factories worldwide, and accounting for one fifth of the Ferrero Group’s turnover, along with other products such as Kinder and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The company is the number one user of hazelnuts in the world, buying up 25% of the entire world production.

I used to live on Nutella for a while! Everything from breakfast, lunch & dinner had a side-order of Nutella. Its their 50 year anniversary this week & I’m gonna celebrate!

Design is about Intent

Design is about Intent

Intent means purpose; something highly designed was crafted with intention in every creative decision. Frank Lloyd Wright explained that intent drives design with the credo “form follows function“; P&G calls this being “purpose-built.” The designer is the person who answers the question “How should it be?”

The first question we should be asking is how many organizations let the designers lead rather than just using them as mouse pointers?

As an analogy, giving someone birthday money instead of taking the time to choose a gift seems eminently logical – why limit the recipient’s choices? But the gifts we remember most fondly are seldom checks.