Microsoft Surface : The “Hands Off” Review

Danny Sullivan for Marketing Land

“Hands-on” was used in plenty of headlines, and that irked me, because I know we weren’t given any real hands-on with the device at all. That is, unless you believe holding an iPad or a Kindle Fire that’s not turned on is “hands-on.” That’s pretty much what it was like with Surface.

Pretty weird that Microsoft would invite the entire tech press to a product launch event & not allow anyone to do a thorough hands-on with the device. Windows RT & Widows 8 consumer previews seems to be getting positive reviews across the web. I wonder if its more to do with the product & the keypads itself. If the intention was to counter Google I/O tablet announcement then they seemed to have succeeded partially.

The Surface tablet itself has been designed painstakingly and with the limited “hands-on” impressions, it looks much better than what the OEMs seems to have on offer. Why go to all the trouble now? Hope they don’t repeat the Palm webOS mistakes.