Do What You Love

Michael Abrash from Valve

The point is emphatically not that you should neglect everything else in order to program; it’s that you should figure out what makes you want to neglect everything else, and do that. It might be video games, it might be repairing cars, it might be starting companies, it might be raising a family. Whatever it is, find it and do it.

Quite a read but worth it. I’ve advocated this to quite a few of my friends. Do what you love, don’t settle with what you have! I’ve received a lot of flak for it but very few have introspected on it. You didn’t want to be a Project Manager/ Technical Lead/ Senior Software Engineer at XYZ. You made compromises on the way which led you to this career but do you really love what you do? Take time off, figure out what you love to do & try to make a career out of it!