Google, A Hardware Company

Google officially closed the Motorola acquisition a couple of days back & in the process becoming a full-fledged hardware company. They keep insisting that Motorola will be kept at arm’s length & will not be provided early access rights with respect to Android. They even announced a Nexus program where they’ll be releasing multiple vanilla Android smartphones across different OEMs so as to reassure them that the acquisition hasn’t changed their “open” approach for Android.

Dan Frommer has a writeup on the interesting things Google can do with Motorola.

Google has long maintained that Motorola will be kept at arm’s length, that it won’t be favored over other Android partners, that it will be separate from Google, etc

Some of that may be true, but my hunch is that a lot of that was just posturing to get the deal approved. Google has a huge opportunity to do fascinating, important work with Motorola, and even create real business around Android-powered mobile devices. I expect Google and Motorola will eventually become a lot closer.

Google “doubles down” on its acquisition & starts producing developer devices to hand out at the yearly I/O conferences while the Nexus line keep consumer demand (if any) in check. When the time is right, Google pulls the carpet from under the OEMs & decides to go all on Android by itself by which time other OEMs would’ve already forked the OS (or) moved on to a different platform.