How Mark Zuckerberg hacked the valley

BusinessWeek has a feature article on Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook goes public today, May 18th & its more than likely the company would be valued north of $100 billion. The thing I respect Zuckerberg for, is how he managed to stay in control of the company when everyone wanted a share in FB. A former VP of Global sales has this to share

“Control is incredibly important to Mark, and not because he runs things like a dictator. Control for him is more about his belief that in the long run, his perspective on the company and what he hopes it can become would be something that very few people could understand.”

It’s a well-known fact that Facebook hasn’t had quite the same success in mobile & their acquisition of Instagram for $1 billion was to change that. On that note, here’s a WTF fact

One person close to Facebook partly attributes the company’s mobile fumbling to Zuckerberg’s long affection for the BlackBerry, which he traded in for an iPhone in 2010.


Here’s an infographic on who earns how much if FB hits its $100 billion valuation