Can Nokia design its way back?

Wired UK has a nice feature on Nokia’s transition to Windows Phone.

The year Apple launched the iPhone, 2007, was Nokia’s best-ever year: it sold 436 million handsets — nearly 40 per cent of the total purchased worldwide. (Its nearest competitor, Motorola, sold 164 million.) That year, Nokia made £6.7 billion in profit.

That says a LOT. Nokia is never going to get back to that level ever again!

Says Ahtisaari: “We brought together all of the industrial design, all of the colors and materials design, packaging design and all of the user-experience design into a single organization. “Design matters a tonne,” says Elop. “That’s why Marko is in every discussion at the top-level of the company.”

Good decisions but will have to wait for a while for it yield results.

Ben Evans believes that what really matters is getting operators to stock your phones and building up apps. “Nokia and Microsoft don’t yet have an app ecosystem,” he explains. “But as a developer, if you come to them from Android, it feels great.

Unless Google does something drastic (like take back Android from the OEMs) developers will continue to flock to better pastures. It is now more than obvious that the majority of the consumers purchasing Android more or less refuse to buy apps from the Play Store.