Samsung, Android & Bada

Its common knowledge that Samsung owns the Android smartphone race & recently took the crown from Nokia as the market leader. Android is their main OS platform with the in-house Bada OS doing duties on mid-range to low-end phones. Samsung started incorporating their Touch Wiz skin on almost all their Android handsets as a differentiating factor & as a way to incorporate features missing from the initial version of Android. Its generally a hated practice since it delays the latest updates from Google due to the overhead the skin adds. Samsung’s other OS, Bada is built with Touch Wiz as part of the UI itself & not as a separate skin. If any individual is asked to differentiate between Samsung Wave series & Samsung Galaxy series, chances are they won’t know which is which.

Between the Apple/Nokia/Oracle lawsuits & Google acquisition of Motorola, which is a more plausible situation? Samsung switching Android for Bada on all their phones (or) Samsung forking Android like what Amazon did & remove Google from the equation?

EDIT: This Reuters article walks around the point I’m trying to make here