Apple Earnings

Apple unveiled its Q11 2012 earnings early today & like clockwork they beat market expectations reigning in almost $40 billion in revenue with $6 billion in profits. That’s a 95% change compared with same quarter last year. Dan Frommer from RWW has some nice charts explaining the figures. They’ve opened up almost a 30% profit margin on the iPhone alone! With respect to the iPad sales uptill now, Tim Cook had this to say on the subsequent conference call –

“67 million iPads have been sold. Took 24 years to sell as many Macs, 5 years for iPods, and 3 years for iPhones”

We’re only 3 months into 2012 & they’ve just launched one new product(‘New iPad’). Here’s what lined up in for this year

– Macbook refresh
– iPhone 5
– Apple TV SDK
– “Unibody Aluminum” Apple TV with FaceTime HD (rumored)